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Objective, science-based care
Defendable, reasonable treatment plans
Experienced, respected practitioners
Extensive knowledge of auto, work and sports injuries
Effective, proven chiropractic techniques
On-site physical and neuromuscular massage
Multidisciplinary approach to treatment
Professional, comfortable atmosphere
Well-informed, friendly staff
New patients can usually be seen within 24-48 hours
Treatment available 6 days a week
Extended hours to fit your schedule
Bilingual staff – Hablamos Español

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Alliance Health Partners Products

Recommended Products

The doctors at Alliance Health Partners highly recommend the following products which are available at our office.


ArthroAid, All-natural joint health and pain reduction, without the side effects.
OsteoAid, Increase bone density and reduce bone loss.


Complete multivitamin physician-formulated with added B2 and magnesium for natural headache prevention.

Nordic Naturals

ProOmega-3.6.9, Clinically shown to support heart health, the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response, healthy joints, skin and immune function.


A pain relieving gel used to provide temporary relief from minor aches and pains of sore muscles and joints.


Premium waterbase pillow, clinically shown to improve quality of sleep.