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Objective, science-based care
Defendable, reasonable treatment plans
Experienced, respected practitioners
Extensive knowledge of auto, work and sports injuries
Effective, proven chiropractic techniques
On-site physical and massage therapy
Multidisciplinary approach to treatment
Professional, comfortable atmosphere
Well-informed, friendly staff
New patients can usually be seen within 24-48 hours
Treatment available 6 days a week
Extended hours to fit your schedule
Bilingual staff – Hablamos Español

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Alliance Health Partners Doctors

About Us

The doctors at Alliance Health Partners utilize state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment techniques that are well supported with research and medical studies. Our clinicians strongly believe that the proper evaluation and management of all physical conditions requires an accurate diagnosis.

Our Experts

Alliance Health Partners Scott Rosenquist

Scott Rosenquist, MS, DC

Dr. Rosenquist attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, graduating with honors in 1991. He has been practicing in Colorado for over 21 years, which has been exclusively centered on the evaluation and management of auto accidents and work injury patients. Dr. Rosenquist has a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and a Masters of Science degree in Biomechanics of Trauma. Dr. Rosenquist has several post-graduate certifications in the areas of impairment and disability, collision reconstruction, cervical and lumbar rehabilitation, biomedical acupuncture, pain and headaches. He has completed numerous courses in accident reconstruction, collision analysis, and auto accident biomechanics, spinal fusion, and spinal instrumentation.

Alliance Health Partners Chad Abercrombie

Chad Abercrombie, DC

Dr. Abercrombie first came to Colorado in 1993 after completing his schooling at Cleveland Chiropractic College. He carries dual undergraduate degrees in Exercise Physiology and in Clinical Nutrition from Kansas State University. For over 18 years, Dr. Abercrombie has centered his practice in the area of workers compensation, auto accident and sports injuries, where he works closely with local medical providers to insure that patients obtain the proper care needed for their conditions. He has specialized training in soft tissue techniques that have been proven to be very effective for shoulder, arm, hand, as well as lower extremity pain syndromes. He also has extensive training in the area of head, neck and back pain, chiropractic rehabilitation, and certification in biomedical acupuncture. Dr. Abercrombie currently serves as the President of the Colorado Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Alliance Health Partners Scott Oliphant

Scott Oliphant, DC

Dr. Oliphant, a native of Kansas, joined the practice in 2011. He graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas in 2009 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic, Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy, and Bachelor of Science in Wellness. Dr. Oliphant has post-graduate training in pre-participation physical examinations, and has focused his expertise on diagnostics, evaluation, treatment procedures, and management of automobile, work-related and sports-related injuries and condiitons. He is licensed to practice chiropractic in Colorado and Texas. Dr. Oliphant is new to the Colorado Springs area, enjoys the outdoors, woodworking, cooking and living an active lifestyle.

Alliance Health Partners Massage Therapists

Massage Therapists

Tia Claybrook, LMT
Patricia McGuigan, LMT
Erika Rios, LMT

Alliance Health Partners Friendly Staff

Our Friendly Staff

Melissa Trippany, Chiropractic Assistant
Sami Oliphant, New Patient Coordinator/ Referrals/ Billing
Samantha Thomas, Billing
Riyo Archuleta, Front Desk
Cheryl Hee-jung Kho, Front Desk